About Stephen

Snipped Keyboard

Stephen Winbaum is a professional writer who recognized the international growth and influence of aging people during his communications tenure at RetirementHomes.com, a leading online senior housing directory.

During the past 15 years he witnessed the changes in concepts of aging. Baby Boomers, born between 1946 to 1964, have postponed retirement. Destined to work and live in place, they are breaking boundaries, and will expect accommodations.

The high-end of the 50+ audience has been captured for its disposable income, developed into celebrity-like status. But there are gaps for older adults without sufficient means, a pressing need to identify with their health, disabilities and financial problems. There is an upsurge of aging single adults due to divorce or lifelong single status.

An experienced writer and generator of original, distinctive content, Stephen’s career has brought him in touch with authentic people:

  • Entrepreneurs seeking discretionary gold in greying adults
  • Hard-pressed caregivers and health providers
  • Technology specialists
  • Inspiring people who gained wisdom later in life

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